Cases from Neuragram's clinic

Zeeshan's Open diary

Hi! I am Zeeshan Ali

I started building Neuragram, a mental health platform, after experiencing a narcissistic abuse. As an industrial designer, I had limited knowledge of psychology, but building Neuragram and collaborating with mental health experts deepened my understanding. From April 2022 to October 2022, we drove our pilot phase to understand mental health issues from scratch. We drove it in both, online setup and offline setup (in Patna, Bihar). Neuraschool, part of Neuragram's plans, aims to provide mental health education. In my open diary, I'll be sharing my experiences of talking to individuals, connecting them with therapists, participating in live therapy sessions at our clinic, and the cases we solved.

Case studies

I am sharing some of the most profound cases of mental health issues that I witnessed myself while building this mental health platform. I have had interactions with more than 400 people in a course of 6 months and some cases needed to be shared as a part of our psychoeducational drive via Neuraschool. The shared incidences are heavily tweaked in terms of identity, gender, locations, etc, but the crux of the stories are left intact. 

Zeeshan Ali

Exploring the Hidden Truth Behind the Symptoms of Memory Loss and Manipulation” The scenarios, genders, locations are heavily manipulated | Cover Image …

Zeeshan Ali

This case made us realize how complex it is to detect mental health issues Note: The story is heavily tweaked to protect …

Zeeshan Ali

Dr. Asif said, there are plenty of women who will keep their stories of sexual abuse to themselves till they die. No …