Our online counseling service is in nascent stage. Please be patient with the delays

Know our Principal Consultant

Dr. Asif Ali Khan, Ph.D (Psy)

Dr. Khan is a veteran Psychologist, having an experience of treating mental health conditions over 23 years. In his career, he has dealt with 15,000+ cases. Dr. Khan teaches Psychology in Madhubani Medical College, Bihar. He also look over delicate psychological cases in juvenile prisons in State of Bihar, India.
All the cases coming on Neuragram are dealt under his supervision

Steps for taking professional help

Therapy Neuragram


1. A smart Phone/Laptop/Desktop with internet connection

2. Slack/WhatsApp

3. Token Amount INR 1,000 (Non-refundable)


What should I expect from the professional help

Honest professional advise on your mental health condition.

Mental health conditions are delicate and one must understand whether someone needs a psychological treatment, psychiatry treatment or both.

During three days of your onboarding, you can share whatever you want to through Text/Voice message. On the third day, we will prepare a detailed report under professional supervision.

Will I get therapy sessions too?

It depends upon the availability of the therapists we collaborate with. Please note that sessions are chargeable.

Therapy requires dedicating time and effort and every therapist charges differently, depending upon the value they deliver and time they spend.

We have tried our best to minimize the cost of our therapy plans, but expect it to be above INR 1,000 per 35 minutes of session. 

The general flow for therapy is:

Assessments- Setting goals -Routine therapy sessions

Can I see a therapist outside Neuragram

Of course, you can!

Please keep in mind that no therapist guarantee the cure of your mental health conditions. Some of the problems might be neurological, some might be psychiatric in nature. For three days, you will be allowed to share all the issues and we will prepare assessments, reports based on that. 

What is better, Online therapy sessions or offline?

Online sessions are flexible, save more time and are fairly cost effective.

Offline sessions are more immersive and ensures faster relationship establishment between you and the therapist.

When we started our physical clinic in Patna, Bihar, some people travelled for more than 100 KMs to have a 35-40 minutes of therapy session and they were satisfied by it. Some people travelled for less than 3 KMs, but wasted time in traffic jams and ruined their mood before therapy. 

A lot of people were satisfied by the online therapy over WhatsApp/Phone Call.

If you are planning to see a therapist, and there are good therapists in your city, we would suggest you to take an offline appointment first. 

If therapists are not available in your city, you should try online therapy.