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Fix Your Relationship by Neuragram: Workbook for Couples

We came up with a workbook for couples in March 2023. It is available on Amazon Kindle. It is available at a very nominal price, but if you have a Kindle subscription, you can get it for free.

You can also download the free PDF copy of the workbook here

At our therapy center Neuragram, in Patna, we frequently encounter relationship problems. These issues don’t discriminate based on age or relationship status; they affect everyone, from young couples dating to those who’ve been married for decades. One significant reason behind these problems is that we often don’t fully understand our partners. After all, how can we truly know someone when their personality keeps changing?

Understanding people, including ourselves, is an ongoing journey, and it often takes entering a committed relationship to truly grasp who we are. Interestingly, romantic relationships carry a unique weight compared to platonic ones because they’re driven by one of the most powerful human emotions: the desire to create the next generation. Even if you’re not actively thinking about having children or expanding your family, the evolutionary basis of romantic relationships is deeply rooted in the instinct to pass on our genetic legacy to the next generation.

This book contains 5 chapters, all backed with exercies. Let’s peep into the gist of each chapter:

Chapter 1: Understanding Your Relationship

In this opening chapter, we dive deep into the intricate dynamics of your relationship. We explore your unique expectations, communication styles, and the various ways you express affection. Additionally, we introduce a fascinating aspect of quantifying your communication and affection styles through distinct forms or numerical measures. This chapter sets the foundation for a deeper understanding of your relationship.

Chapter 2: Building Strong Foundations

In the second chapter of the workbook for couples, we focus on the essential elements of establishing a solid foundation in your relationship. We explore effective strategies for building trust, nurturing intimacy, and cultivating deeper bonds with your partner. This chapter also includes a valuable exercise designed to assess and address any trust issues that may exist within your relationship. By the end of this chapter, you’ll be equipped with the tools to strengthen the core of your partnership.

Chapter 3: Creating Shared Goals

In the third chapter, we emphasize the significance of establishing shared goals within your relationship. We firmly believe that shared long-term goals are essential because they provide a common purpose and direction for both partners. This chapter explores the importance of identifying these overlapping objectives and how they contribute to the overall strength and longevity of your relationship.

Chapter 4: Managing Challenges and Changes

In this pivotal chapter, we understand the intricacies of inevitable challenges and changes that can arise in a relationship. We address issues like communication breakdowns, trust concerns, and the impact of life’s uncertainties on your partnership. It’s crucial to remember that in a relationship, two individuals never merge into one entity; instead, they share a common space. Understanding this concept is key to managing and adapting to the challenges and changes that may come your way.

Chapter 5: Maintaining Your Relationship

In this chapter, we emphasize the vital role of nurturing your relationship. Think of relationships as akin to plants; without regular care and attention, they can wither away. We explore the profound importance of consistent nurturing in sustaining a healthy and flourishing partnership. By the end of this chapter, you’ll gain valuable insights into the practices and behaviors that can help maintain the vitality of your relationship.

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